2008 Imbolc Ritual
The Woam Who Fell from the Sky
By Silver Wind Woman

Altar will be prepared to represent Imbolc

Cut the Circle-Journey
Water and Earth-Michelle
Fire and Air-MoonFox
East Watchtower - Sara Jean
South Watchtower-Bear
West Watchtower-Magdelena
North Watchtower-Cathy
Bless the Circle-MoonFox
Invoke Goddess-Silver
Epand Circle-Sara Jean
H P- Silver
Hand Maiden-Dresha
Cake and Wine- Silver

Tonight we gather together and celebrate Imbolc. And we of Coven of the Goddess welcome you and are happy you have joined us. For those of you who do not know what Imbolc is, Dresha is going to share with you the history and traditions of the Sabbat.
History of Imbolc
As you heard in the history there is more than one idea or tradition celebrated at this time of the year. Tonight's Imbolc ritual is based not on the tradition Wicca celebration but on that of the Mid Winter Ceremony of the Iroquois nation. In our coven it is tradition to work with a specific Goddess for each Full Moon and Sabbat. So tonight we are going to work with the Iroquois Goddess, Sky Woman. Before we begin our ritual, let us hear her story and learn more about her.
The Woman Who fell From the Sky
During the Mid Winter Ceremony, there are several small ceremonies and rituals performed. The Dream Ceremony is but on part. To the various tribes in the Iroquois Nation, dreams were seen as important parts of daily life for that is how messages were given. It was also believed that if a person lost their dreams they lost their soul. During the Dream Ceremony, dreams were brought before the elders and interpretations were given. Tonight we are going to interpret the dream within Sky Woman's story.
As Imbolc is the time of year where the Crone gives way to the awakening of the Maiden, we too shall work from Crone to Maiden in our workings tonight. So, to begin our journey through Sky Woman's dream, we turn to the deep insightful wisdom of the Crone.

Grandchildren listen to me as I tell you of the dream I see.
Upon the tree flowers bloom brightly white
Bringing to the dreamer spiritual sight.
The flower your dreams and aspirations
Which cannot come clear with out illumination.
But demons of hurt, self doubt and fear,
Wilt the flower when they fly near.
When given acknowledgement, the darkness grows
Until the dream is lost and hope your foe.

The flower in the dream symbolizes our hopes and dreams. A positive attitude, faith and connection with Goddess can illuminate how to achieve what it is we desire. If we lived in a magical place void of chaos, distractions, responsibility and disagreement, our dreams would be easy to pursue and achieve. But our reality in this world is the fact we have families we must provide for, people who would rather cause trouble than offer answers, fear manipulated and built upon in the media and the mundane tasks of life that often take us away first from our connection with Goddess. Then, the dreams we once had begin to wilt and fade. We hear voices in our heads that tell us we aren't good enough, we don't have enough, we're not smart enough, and we're not pretty enough. As the voices become louder and louder the hope we had is drowned out and the dream we were so determined to see through, is lost and overshadowed by the dark chaos that swirl around us.
Sky Woman knew her dream was prophetic of losing the light and connection with Goddess and she wanted to protect it like a Mother would protect her children. Let us now listen to the wisdom of the Mother.

Children listen to me and to the dream I see.
Darkness looms if nothing is done
To protect your dreams from potential harm.
Yet be careful the ear you let hear your fears
For sometimes misunderstanding can appear.
Then support your sought from those your trust
Crash down below and that trust is lost.
Loneliness and isolation is what you feel,
Unless you trust yourself and see what is real.

After Sky Woman goes to the Elders for help and asks them to destroy the tree, things go terribly wrong. She asks them to pull the tree up, which is symbolic of bringing the light into the Great Blue or into our lives. Instead the elders dig the roots and the tree falls down through the clouds taking the light with it and leaving darkness. Sky Woman is then blamed for the darkness and looked down upon for her gift of visions and dreams.
How often in our own daily lives, are we looked at differently for our ideas, our vision and our outlook on life? We are surrounded by many fair weather friends and if we are lucky a few steady, true friends. We forget to trust ourselves in what we know needs to be done and depend on others to tell us we are doing the right thing. When we lose our intuition and our self-trust, the foundation of our dreams fail and they fall further into the darkness of our forgetfulness.
But I do not feel we actually lose our dreams, they are available to renew if we simply trust ourselves and begin to live despite the things that would normally break us down. Let us learn how to renew our dreams through the wisdom of the Maiden.

Sisters and Brothers listen to me and to the dream I see.
My dream fell down into a hole
And after it I tell you I must go.
Upon the wings of birds I fly
Following my dream through the sky.
My dream falls quickly, down to the water
But you know I will just catch up with it later.
For it will be there waiting for me,
And the grandness of it, I cannot wait to see.
Sky Woman leapt into the darkness after the tree that fell. She did not know what would happen to her, but she knew that it had to be better to leave the Great Blue, than to stay where things were dark. Intuitively she knew she would be okay as she fell, for her destiny now laid below her.
Sometimes in our own lives it is fear that holds us back from pursuing what it is we want. We learn fear as we grow older, and it is through the trusting faith of the Maiden child in us that we must sometime throw logic aside and trust what our inner voice is telling us. We must also realize that sometimes life does throw us detours, but that does not mean we should give up on our dreams, only be more appreciative of them when they happen.
A recent example that comes to mind is that of Oprah Winfrey. It was released a few weeks ago that she now has purchased her own TV network. In an interview she said that 15 years ago she wrote in her journal that one day she would own her own TV station. However she did not just sit and wait for this to happen she worked and built her career, which enabled her to obtain her dream. Which is an important point to remember, we have to put out to the universe that we trust our dreams to come to pass and when we do that what we put out will return to us.
Now you have sat through the readings and my teaching so to speak, and now it is time for each of us to do something.
I am going to pass a basket of flowers around; I want each of you to take one if you so chose. As you pick the flower up, I want you to think of that one dream that you know still sits in the back of your mind, but you have thought there was no way for you to obtain it. As the basket is being passed around I want you to hold the flower and think positively of the realization and happening of this dream. Your dreams can be simple or complex. If you cannot think of a dream per say, then think of a goal or resolution that has not come to pass yet.
Now we are going to plant the seeds to in ourselves to begin the growing process of our dream. For just like a flower that needs weeding, tending and nurturing so do we. We are children of Goddess, whatever your idea of Goddess may be. And it is from her we gain our inner strength. The Oneida tribe realized the power of positive group thought, and in the tradition of one of their prayers, Sisters from our Coven are going shout out positive affirmation to help each of us to begin to trust and believe in ourselves.

Sara Jean
(please repeat after me) Tonight, I renew my hope in all that was lost. My dreams are important to me. Let's put our minds together. So be it in our minds.
(please repeat after me)I am the reflection of Goddess. Let's put our minds together. So be it in our minds.
(please repeat after me)I trust the wisdom of the Crone, my inner voice of knowledge. Let's put our minds together. So be it in our minds.
(please repeat after me)I trust the protective Mother, my inner warrior. Let's put our minds together. So be it in our minds.
(please repeat after me)I trust like the childish Maiden, my intuitive self. Let's put our minds together. So be it in our minds.
(please repeat after me)I am the conqueror of my own self-delusion. Lets put in our minds together. So be it in our minds.
(please repeat after me) I have the ability to fulfill my hopes and dreams. Let's put our minds together. So be it in our minds.
(please repeat after me)I am the creator of my own destiny. Let's put our minds together. So be it in our minds.
(please repeat after me) I claim the positive outcome of the work I put forth. Let's put our minds together. So be it in our minds.
Now I want each of you to hold up the flower in your hands, visualize your dreams and let us agree together on more time so that the positive energy that flows through us will flow outward. SO that when it returns to us we will see our dreams fulfilled.
Let's put our minds together. So be it in our minds!!!
Tonight marks the new beginnings of the year. The first lambs, the first milk, hope for one more year of sustenance and renewal. It is time for each of us to remember that our dreams are just as important to our happiness and those around us, as all of the mundane tasks we do ensure that happiness and security.
In closing ritual we will now bless the cakes and wine. This is our tradition of sharing the bounty and love of Goddess. If you will, please stand and follow me back to the table and we will share this sacred blessing.

Celebration of Circle

Wine & Cake
Blessed Be this Cake and Wine,
the Body and the Blood of the Mother
May You never hunger (passes bread) Blessed Be.
May You never thirst (passes wine) Blessed Be.

Gracious Goddess as we close our circle we ask that our path always be in your light.
All give personal thanks to the Goddess
Dismiss Watchtowers
The circle is open but unbroken. Merry Meet, Merry Part and Merry Meet again.

Coven of the Goddess