Horoscopos is Greek for "I watch that which is rising". So the word horoscope originally referred to the Ascendant, that is the point of the Zodiac rising over the horizon at the precise moment of your birth. However astrology teaches us that each of us is a complex and subtle blend of traits symbolised by all the planets, and where and how these traits operate is determined by the Ascendant.

  Class 1- Zodiac Sign Post

Class 2 - Elements in Your Zodiac Sign Post

Class 3 - Reading the Elements in Your Chart

Class 4 - Planets And Their Influnences

Class 5 - Houses of the Zodiac

Class 5 - House Energies and Rulerships

Class 6- Sign and House Polarities

Class 7- Aspects in the Charts

Class 8- Meanings of Aspects