Coven of the Goddess

Our Coven is represented by 4 pillars that are our core principles. These are Growth, Balance, Responsibility and Unity. They are the basic philosophy of our Coven. As a Circle of women we honor the 4 pillars as the foundation of our Coven.

We encourage personal growth and honor that growth within our Coven. Spirituality and Magick of Goddess is not defined by the hierarchy of Coven status but by wisdom sought and time dedicated by individuals. We celebrate challenges with encouragement, degrees with excitement and accomplishments with joy.

As daughters of the Goddess we seek to live our lives in tuned to Her natural rhythms, our Rituals follow Her seasons and the turning of the wheel. Encouraged by our Sisters in Circle we respect and embrace the dark and the light in all things including our own joys and shadows. We seek sanctuary in balance and become empowered by or choices.

The strength of our Circle comes with accepting the consequences of our choices. The Coven is helpful, empathetic and encouraging in aide but only if someone is wiling to help herself first. The path of another will always be respected as their path as well as their choices and lessons.

It is the desires of the Coven to see all that seek Goddess prosper and grow as women in Her reflection. To stand together as Spiritual Energy and live by our like minded principles. We except this unity as Her work and allow our energy to be guided by Her as a sanctuary to all women who seek our Circle. Previous degrees are acknowledged within our Coven with acceptance of our traditions.

The Gates of Initiation

The initiatory system of the Ancient Witch is comprised of 3 distinct levels or Degrees. These are said to be transmissible at the hands of the duly initiated Witch. Beyond them is a final stage, that of full initiate, which does not so much comprise another level as represent the completion and perfection of a High Priestess of the Goddess. This later stage can only be obtained by individual effort and realization and is there for said to be non-transmissible but only gifted by Goddess.

It is also true that no process of initiation can impart to a person any power or faculty which She does not already posses. The purpose of the transmissible initiation is thus to assist the candidate to realize by experience, in stages which reflect the natural evolution of the functions and faculties of the psyche, those inner powers whose due awakening and correct ordering result in the attainment of magickal power, with the dynamic integration of all aspects of the personality.

It is, furthermore, the purpose of the initiations not only so to mark out the parameters of advancement but to encourage the growth of the various faculties which are evoked thereby. This is an art, a craft, and a high responsibility on the part of those who would confer initiation by ritual means.

So You Want to Be A High Priestess

Life again calls and Coven has answered. I have relocated to Colorado Springs and Denver Coven has become it's own vision taking a differnt turn decided upon by Coven. Much pride I feel in it's growth and new leadership. It is with love I witness you turn on your path as I turn towards the east and answer my own calling. This web site will change too. We will all see what Goddess puts before us.