Goddess Medusa Ritual
Journey 10/31/06

 Halloween paint shall be placed on the altar.

*All shall gather outside of Circle and share the tales of Samhain.
*All shall share meditation of the demons of self and all they chose to leave behind with the turning of the Wheel.


It's the Sabbat of Samhain and once again we gather to celebrate. There are many traditions associated with Samhain and many names given this date. As Witches we can pick and choose traditions that fill our fancy but as Witches we cannot underestimate the importance of our work due this night. Certainly we understand the veil is thinnest this night that honors the dead and the thread of ancestor magick is strong. Equally we can understand the importance of the astrological aspect of the Wheel with Samhain being the equal point between the Fall Equinox and The Spring Equinox. It is also the balance of Beltane when Mother Earth is in full bloom in our Hemisphere, a time that She takes to rest and rejuvenate. It is here we must surrender to our most important work.
It is here in honoring the roots of our faith that we hail the tradition of old, the ending of the year. In days of old Harvest was done, perhaps one last picking of the last crops left glistening on snow-covered vines. One last look at anything green struggling to survive before completely being covered by winter's blanket. It is here we gather to celebrate and look back one more time before going within.
It is time to look at our life, the challenges and changes we faced throughout our life and the choices we made in the last year. Some dreams manifested, some were abandoned and some never left our vision for reason known only to us. It is time to inventory our lives, to turn inward where there is only self and to take responsibility of our choices.
As we begin our work let us turn away from all we would blame from our childhood, our circle of friends and all we know in our current situation. As we gather in the company of our Sisters let our work be free of their energy as well. Let us turn within to a place where there is nowhere to hide from our truth of self.

Let all be covered with veil and descend into darkness of self.
See yourself. You have come far on this journey with Goddess and many changes have occurred along your path. Some have brought you great joy, some sorrow, some have empowered you and some still struggle. Celebrate those changes that have been a triumph and give thanks. They a mirror of your true self; strong, worthy and truly a reflection of Goddess of self. It easy to be pleased with our accomplishments, it is equally as easy to ignore what we have not accomplished in manifesting our desire.
Look again my sisters; it is a time of truth. What have we not accomplished this year. What have we ignored from our deepest self. What have we sold short or lay blame on others. What have we allowed in that prevented us from being all we desired to be. What work do we have before us this Sacred Night of Witches. Let our Work begin.
I want you to take every aspect of your life, one at a time and scan each charka for demons associated with this aspect. You know how to do the work and tonight we add the magick of Samhain to empower our fight against these demons that they may die with the ending of the Wheels cycle.
Crown - demon attachment
Third Eye - demon illusion
Throat - demon lies
Heart - demon sloth
Solar - demon shame
Sacral - demon guilt
Root - demon fear.
You will begin with your job. Do demons live in this aspect of your life? In the full awareness of the aspect of your job scan every charka for demons. Does your job allow your charkas to be clear and healthy, serving your higher self? If demons live here give them face or name. Know them well.
Next your family, do demons live in this aspect of your life? In the full awareness of the aspect of your family scan every charka for demons. Does your connection to family allow your charkas to be clear and healthy, serving your higher self? If demons live here give them face or name. Know them well.
Next your circle of friends, do demons live in this aspect of your life? In the full awareness of the aspect of your circle of friends scan every charka for demons. Does your circle of friends allow your charkas to be clear and healthy, serving your higher self? If demons live here give them face or name. Know them well.
Next the mate you choose to love, do demons live in this aspect of your life? In the full awareness of the aspect of your choice of mate scan every charka for demons. Does your choice of mate allow your charkas to be clear and healthy, serving your higher self? If demons live here give them face or name. Know them well.
Now any other aspect of your life that has significance, do demons live in this aspect of your life? In the full awareness of the aspect of your thought scan every charka for demons. In this aspect are your charkas allowed to be clear and healthy, serving your higher self? If demons live here give them face or name. Know them well.
We are making strong choices and decision this Samhain night. Choices that will grant or prevent our desires to manifest. It is only you in the darkness of self and it is you who must face your truths. Give much thought to your choices tonight when the veil is thin and magick is strong. Rise to all you are capable of mastering, rise and face the demons.
When you are ready remove your veil and prepare to dispel the demons of self that keep you from living in the abundance that is yours in the reflection of Goddess.
You have faced the darkness of self. Self where there is no family, friend or co-worker. You have faced self where there is only self to blame for choices and responsibilities that have led us to this point in our life. Many of us have done our work through the year and our demons are small, some have allowed them life within our life. Tonight in truth we name them and tonight in truth we dispel those we chose to no longer feed. Join me now in dispelling the demons and reclaiming self in abundance.
One by one step forward and claim herbs from our Coven's cauldron. Hold them in your hand and recall the demons. With strong breath blow all the demons out and into the herbs. Step forward when you are ready and release them into the fire.
When all are done, one by one we shall enter Sacred Space of Circle and begin our Goddess Medusa celebration of Samhain.

Cut the Circle- ?
Water and Earth-?
Fire and Air- ?
Bless the Circle-?
Invoke Goddess-?
H P- ?
Hand Maiden-?
Crone- ?
East Watchtower - ?
South Watchtower-?
West Watchtower-?
North Watchtower-?
Cake and Wine- ?

sage all that enter Circle
"Do you come in perfect love and perfect trust?"
Covener answer
bless and dedicate all with Goddess Medusa's Oil and pentacle over third eye chakra
"Sister to Sister in perfect love and perfect trust we share this circle"

all will cast circle

"Goddess Medusa's Story"
"It is said by those who would silence our worship of Her that We are worshiping a dark Dark Goddess and to be living with the Dark Goddess is to be living with contradictions, with extremes, to be living in a state of suspended animation."
The great Sigmund Freud explains it this way
"The terror of the Medusa is thus a terror of castration that is linked to the sight of something. The hair upon the Medusa's head is frequently represented in works of art in the form of snakes, and these once again are derived from the castration complex. It is a remarkable fact that however frightening they may be in themselves, they nevertheless serve as a mitigation of the horror, for they replace the penis, the absence of which is the cause of the horror. This is a confirmation of the technical rule according to which a multiplication of penis symbols signifies castration."
"As Witches let us laugh at all who would try to explain away our Goddess. As Witches we know the truth and the fear of those who would deny Her. The truth that Medusa is but one of the many faces of Goddess and Medusa's story is but one of the many stories of the rape and abuse of Goddess and Her people. As Witches let us laugh at their stories of Her vengence as we embrace the truth of Her survival. As Witches tonight we gather and celebrate Her, Medusa, Dark Goddess of Samhain. As Witches tonight let us paint the face of the Gorgon upon us and celebrate Goddess Medusa."

All will paint mask of the Gorgon upon their face and admire the Priestesses they share Circle with. Merriment and celebration as we gather as Priestesses shall fill our hearts. We shall drink the wine blood of Goddess as we prepare in Her honor.

"I saw you once, Medusa; we were alone.
I looked you straight in the cold eye, cold.
I was not punished, was not turned to stone.
How to believe the legends I am told? . . .
I turned your face around! It is my face.
That frozen rage is what I must explore -
Oh secret, self-enclosed and ravaged place!
That is the gift I thank Medusa for."

All shall repeat after me...
"Hail Medusa, THE ONE, THE ALL. Queen of death, out of which All Things arise!
Hear this my oath. I come of my own Free Will, of my own Desire. Therefore it is what I DO.
I stand before you - I wear the Gorgons mask. My innermost Being is laid bare.
There is nothing that is not yours. I have nothing that is not Yours - and You are my innermost Self.
This is my purpose.
You are my Goddess. You are my Innermost Self.
I place myself at every point in the Pentacle.
You are my hope and strength, my healing and soothing, my peace and the fire in my veins.
I am within you as you are within me.
I am by you , One, Unique, and I stand alone! And never shall a demon of self make rule of my life. ,br>I take this chalice of wine and nurture myself on the fertile sustenance of your Being." (drink wine)
"And by this act, it is done! So Mote It Be"

"I am the Golden haired Medusa filled with life and dreams of the future. I am desired by many and admired by all. Life is mine and claim it I will. I shall have __________________in my future for I am unquenchable and unstoppable."
All shall repeat the delicious future they claim.

"I am the lover Mother Medusa and I take what I desire. I am the mystery and I am Goddess of self. I shall have __________________ in my future for I am the abundant Mother who reaps the crops of self."
All shall repeat the delicious future they claim.

"I am the Crone Medusa harden from life's wisdom. I walk my path in truth and sacrifice nothing of self that is not choice. I shall have in my future______________ for it is my destiny I must fulfill."
All shall repeat the delicious future they claim.

In pop-corn style, all Coveners will share spells of Samhian night. All shall empower their sister's spell by adding So Mot It Be.
"Go forth my sisters, live in truth of your magick tonight. The only demons or demons created by self and it is self that defeats these demons. Be not blind on your journey and abundance will be yours. Thou art Goddess and I tell you this is true."

Celebration of Circle

Wine & Cake
"Blessed Be this Cake and Wine,
the Body and the Blood of the Mother"
"May You never hunger (passes bread) Blessed Be."
"May You never thirst (passes wine) Blessed Be."

"Gracious Goddess as we close our circle we ask that our path always be in your light."
All give personal thanks to the Goddess
Dismiss Watchtowers
"The circle is open but unbroken. Merry Meet, Merry Part and Merry Meet again."

Coven of the Goddess