Goddess Parvati Ritual
Sif RedEagle 7/10/06

 The altar shall be adorned to honor Goddess Parvati

Cut the Circle- ?
Water and Earth-?
Fire and Air- ?
Bless the Circle-?
Invoke Goddess-?
H P- ?
Hand Maiden-?
East Watchtower - ?
South Watchtower-?
West Watchtower-?
North Watchtower-?
Cake and Wine- ?

sage all that enter Circle
"Do you come in perfect love and perfect trust?"
Covener answers
bless and dedicate all with Goddess Parvati's Oil and pentacle over third eye chakra
"Sister to Sister in perfect love and perfect trust we share this circle"

all will cast circle

Welcome to July full moon. When last we gathered, it was to celebrate mid-summer. This is our first moon after the turning of the great wheel, and the sun has begun to wane. Soon enough will fall the long darkness of winter, but tonight, we are still warm. Tonight, the earth is still rich and fecund. Tonight, we have more than enough to go around and we live fat and sassy on life!
As the wheel turns, so do we follow the arc of our own lives. As the sun waxes and wanes, so to do we grow and develop and change. Now, we are at the peak of summer. In a scant few weeks, the festival of Lammas, the first harvest, will be upon us. Not long after will follow Mabon and Samhain and the darkest time of year. During the harvest, we will reap what we have sown in our lives this past year, and so now is a perfect time to remember, to recommit ourselves to the seeds we planted in the spring, and the wishes we made at Beltane.
Tonight, we work with Goddess Parvati. While she is relatively unknown in the West, Parvati is one of the most beloved goddesses of India. She represents the Goddess in her aspect of devoted lover and mother. Tonight we celebrate that aspect by remembering the devotee in ourselves.

"Goddess Parvati's Story"
"Goddess Parvati reminds us that we can achieve our goals, no matter how difficult! She reminds us that when we set our minds to something, and don't let our attention, our intention, waiver, that what we can do with that energy is limitless! Through the depths of her suffering and her success, we see that same possibility in ourselves. We can live a life that is rich and multi-faceted while still achieving our dreams and staying true to what we value most. Through our connection to the earth and to love and to wisdom, we can be as powerful as we choose to be."
"Parvati, share with me your deep yet accessible wisdom so that I mightdevote myself to bringing more love and laughter into my own life."
"[Meditation with drum] Find a comfortable position and begin to let yourself relax. Listen to the sound of the drum and let it carry you deep into the heart of the beat, into the heart of the earth. Feel it resonate within you. Let all your cares begin to slip away as you relax, deeper and deeper, following the sound of the drum. Let yourself relax. Relax, deeper and deeper. Listen to the heartbeat of the drum. Listen to your own heartbeat and follow it deep into your chest.
There, deep in your chest, lies your heart. In your mind's eye, see your heart as a rich, emerald jewel, sparkling there. Notice how the light looks is it dark? Or does it twinkle? Turn all your attention to your heart-jewel, and with love, polish that jewel until it glows.
It is here in your heart that your dream lives. Not in our heads, where we can too easily use our thoughts to keep it down, but here, in our hearts, inside this radiant jewel. Your dream, your wish, may be small; it may be large; you may think that it is impossible. But nevertheless, it is your dream. It is your giggle dream. It is that dream within that brings you such joy when you allow yourself to think about it that you can't help but smile.
Allow yourself to go into your shining jewel and find your dream now. Perhaps it is a familiar dream…a wish you've had for many years. Perhaps it is a new dream that is only beginning to take root. Whatever your dream, find it in your heart and wrap your arms around it. Nurture it; let the love of your heart pour into your giggle dream until your jewel is full and glimmering.
If thoughts come, especially negative ones, notice them and then let them go. Let nothing distract you from pouring all your love into that dream take a deep breath and breathe all the love you have into that dream, nourished there in your arms. Imagine that your dream is real, that it is no longer a dream, but reality. How do you feel? Take that feeling and breathe it into your dream.
When your heart is full to bursting with love, with the power of your dream, slowly begin to find the heartbeat of the drum again and come back to the sound of my voice. Slowly open your eyes, and when you're ready, stand up.
Take just a moment now, holding onto that love in your heart, to go to the mountain and find a gift from Goddess Parvati, a gift from the daughter of the mountain. When you have found this gift, place your gift on the altar and then return to your place in the circle. Choose the first thing you are drawn to, using the love in your heart and your intuition; you will know what is right."

"Parvati, share with me your powerful yet gentle strength so that I might devote myself to bringing more beauty and soul into my own life."
"Look now to the sister on your right or left. Take a moment to stare at that woman before you,so full of energy and love. She is a Goddess. She is a counselor and wise one who will use her love to achieve her dreams, just as you are. Take a moment now and share your giggle dream with this beautiful creature before you. Let each woman share, and if you have to giggle, let yourself bring the beauty of your soul into the circle with mirth and reverence!!"
"Parvati, share with me your passion for all the things you set your mind to so that I might devote myself to bringing more commitment and intention into my own life."
"Let us now all come together in circle, our arms about each others' waists.We have rekindled the flames for our dreams. We have taken the energy of this place, of the moon, of the green earth, and filled our hearts with it.
Our commitment to our intention will not waiver! Let us now charge this magic so we might send it into the universe to be manifest! Take a deep breath and breathe your intention into the circle. With each breath, feel the energy you have raised in your heart. Feel it flowing out of you and into the center of the circle. Keep breathing until you feel dizzy with energy!
And now, let us begin a sound, a sound that will carry our energy out into the universe! And let that sound begin to grow, begin to raise, sound as power, it grows and our energy goes up and up in a great cone of power, until it has climaxed and we release it up and out!!! [dance/chant]
And feel that energy coursing through us, through our hearts, the energy of our giggle dreams, our intentions made manifest, our rekindled commitments to whatever we believe we can achieve in our lives!!
And now, take just a moment to remember…remember, what will you do tonight, tomorrow, the next day, to make your dream manifest? Magic doesn't work alone; we must do the hard work to make our dreams come true. Just as Goddess Parvati turned her back on the comforts of life to grow strong, we must know what sacrifices our dreams will take to make them happen.
Take your totem, now charged with energy, and hold it close to your heart. Make a promise to yourself. What will you do in the coming days and weeks to make your dreams come true?

"Thou art Goddess and I tell you this is true."
"Thou art Goddess and I tell you this is true."
"Thou art Goddess and I tell you this is true."
"Turn again to that sister who shared your dream.Look at her, radiant and glowing with power.See her golden skin.Really see her, in all her beautiful glory.And now,wrap your arms around her,like the Goddess wraps us all in her nurturing embrace, and whisper "Thou art Goddess and I tell you this is true"! May all of our dreams come true. May we always remember the power of our intention, the strength of our love, and our connection to Goddess. Blessed be!!! "

Celebration of Circle

Wine & Cake
Blessed Be this Cake and Wine,
the Body and the Blood of the Mother
May You never hunger (passes bread) Blessed Be.
May You never thirst (passes wine) Blessed Be.

Gracious Goddess as we close our circle we ask that our path always be in your light.
All give personal thanks to the Goddess
Dismiss Watchtowers
The circle is open but unbroken. Merry Meet, Merry Part and Merry Meet again.

Coven of the Goddess