Ending Poverty of the Soul Spell

In the safety of Full Moon Circle sit in front of fire with Hecate Herbs and Aphrodite Oil. Open and cleanse all Chakras. Center and go within.

There is a place deep inside of you where poverty lives. It's a place where you are not strong enough, pretty enough, thin enough or smart enough. It's a place that self doubt and insecurities rule your world. Close your eyes and travel to that place deep within, to the face you try to hide and never let anyone see. Feel this place deep inside you, this entity "poverty". What shape and colors do you feel here? Name this entity. A name that is not your own. What does this entity say to you? How does it make you feel? How does this entity "poverty" feed off you?

When you have felt it's full force return to the waking consciousness and take your Herbs of Hecate in your hands.

Call her strength to you. Ask the Goddess of the Crossroads for a road different from the entity "poverty". Cut off all life support of the entity "poverty" as you take a different road. Call upon Hecate's power for precise decisions as you plan your future. Let your mind be clear, see and know your desires, have the strength and courage to walk towards them.

When you have empowered your herbs throw them into the fire.

Close your eyes and see yourself on your new path. What steps will you take to get there? Give this empowered you a name. What do you look like, how do you feel? What colors do you see? What empowers this new you, strength, courage, peace or love?

When you have a clear picture of this girl open your eyes and return to the waking consciousness.

With your oil of Aphrodite anoint your 3rd eye as you call to her powers. Aphrodite is the Goddess of self -confidence, love of self and goal manifestation. Anoint both your feet with the oil as you ask for the self-confidence to walk your path. Anoint you heart with love of self to know this is but a moment in time and you are eternal. Feel the beaty that is within you the beauty that is Aphrodite.

Anoint yourself everyday till all oil is used.

Hecate herbs
broom, burdock, chamomile, red clover, comfrey, life everlasting, blue malva, patchouli, yarrow
Aphrodite Oil
almond, geranium rose, jasmine, lemon, lavender, magnolia, nag champa, neroli, patchouli, rose, rosewood, sandlewood, ylang ylang,