As I am not Wiccan I do not celebrate the Sabbats as the union of the Goddess and God. The word "sabbath" comes from the Babylonian word "sabbatu" which was the bleeding time of the Babylonian Goddess. The word "menstrual" means, "moon-change" and it was a time when the women would separate themselves from the tribe to work their magick. The bleeding of women was sacred and special. To follow Her example the entire tribe didn't work during Her menstrual time. In Hebrew customs Sabbath was another name for their Goddess Shekinah and the Shabbattu celebrated the menses of Her. In trying to attune my life to the seasons of Mother Earth, I celebrate the Sabbats celebrating the rythms and the seasons of the Goddess. I do not claim this is ďTHE WAYĒ, this is my way..

Samhain October 31

Samhain is the festival of the Crone, the final harvest. What wasnít to be is over, so donít dwell on it any longer. One last celebration of the Witch as Mother Earth prepares for rest and renewal. It is a time to seek sanctuary in the Winterís darkness to come, for it is understood that with the dark silence comes rebirth and new beginnings. As a Witch, this is a night to embrace magick and celebrate Magick. The veil is the thinnest this night and it is a night like no other, open up to the to the universe and know the secrets of the Witches.
Goddess Hecate Samhain Ritual by Journey

Goddess Medusa Samhain Ritual by Journey 10/31/06

Samhain Ritual 2007 by Journey 10/31/07

Winter Solstice December 21

The night of Winter Solstice is the longest night of the year and Mother Earth sleeps in the sanctuary of Winter and itís darkness. The seeds of Spring are deep within Her womb, nurtured and protected by her warmth. As a witch this is a time for turning within and enlightenment. A time to seek the Goddess and the nurturing of our own seed of spirit. Dreams and visions fill the sub-conscious as the soul desires the light, nurture the soul by honoring spiritual growth.
Yule 2005 by Silver Wind

Candlemas or Imbolc February 1 Ė2

Deep within Mother Earthís womb, life is growing. She draws the light deep into herself to nurture what is to be Spring. As a Witch this is the time of seeking authenticity; to light our own light and fire of desires, a time of self dedication and initiation. It is a time of divination, looking into the new year and trusting your wisdom to make decisions that will later sprout and grow into your years harvest.
Imbolc by Journey
Imbolc 2006 by Sif & Ceridwy
Imbolc 2008 by Silver Wind Woman

Spring Equinox March 21

The first day of Spring and the seeds have left the womb of the Goddess to begin the spiral circle of life. The light is equal to the dark and it is a time of beginnings once again. As a Witch it is a time to create, for creation is magick unto itís self. Create sacred space that allows growth, create balance that allows fulfillment and create magick that empowers you. It is the time of the Maiden Goddess and she is curious and hungry for life. Seek like minds and expand your personal Circle.
Spring Equinox by Journey

Beltane April 30 -May 1

Beltane is a time to bask in being alive, a time of celebration, exuberance and hope. As Witches, itís a time to enjoy and appreciate the gifts of nature for Mother Earth is growing fat with life. The Mother Goddess is the Wild Woman growing where she chooses. As Witches it is our time to honor the temple that is our body. Herbal baths, magickal oils, spells of beauty and erotica are all ours. To be in touch with our Divine Feminine is to honor the blood of the Goddess that flows through our veins.
Beltane by Journey

Summer Solstice June 21

The longest day of the year and Mother Earth nurtures her creations for the harvest to come with the waning of the year. The long days give strength to the vine and the colors of the fields reflect the beauty and magick of the Mother Goddess. As Witches it is a time of honor, we must look in the mirror and know the woman looking back.. We are filled with the aspects of the Goddess, beautiful in her image and we are the Goddess of our own Kingdoms. Meditations and spells of Karma are empowering.
Litha by Journey

Lammas August 1

The first of the great harvest of the year. The Goddess provides and this is what we have worked for all year. As Witches this is a time to harvest our herbs and replenish our magickal stock that will sustain us for the year to come. Gather sticks from the forest and shells from the ocean to work spells of health, prosperity and family. Itís a time to gather close all we love, open our eyes to the true gifts of life and know the harvest of our magick. Mother Earth in all her splendor, is giving of herself for the Spiral of Lifeís Circle. As Witches this is a time to contact relatives and old friends that have been forgotten in the indulgence of the summer and harvesting their love.
Lammas by Journey

Fall Equinox September 21

Day and night are of equal length once again as we celebrate another harvest. The Mother gives way to the Crone as we say goodbye to the fruit full growth of Mother Earth. As Witches it is a time to consider which aspects of your life you wish to preserve and which you would prefer to discard. It marks a crossroad where balance is empowering, a time to leave behind what has withered on the vine and failed to manifest. The dark half of the year brings a greater emphasis on reflection, rest and planning. As Witches embrace this time when the influences of the shadows are beginning to be felt, divination and mirror magick offer great insight and visions.
Mabon by Silver

The next Sabbat is Samhain and the wheel starts its cycle again.

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