So You Want To Be A High Priestess

So you want to be a High Priestess? Maybe your first step would be to ask yourself what the title “High Priestess” actually means to you and why you are seeking this title. Second you might want to understand how other Pagans see this title, how you would claim the title to your peers and how they would accept the title worn by you.
Traditionally we must acknowledge the degree system is given more importance to us in this day and age then the wise women with little or no formal education in the days of old. As she tended her herbs and stirred her potions for the town’s people who secretly came for cures against the churches knowledge, degrees had little value. There was also no structured Coven for learning, only a higher cosmic energy that called and led individuals to the old Crone to learn and keep alive the ways of the old. Those that answered that call were led by needs higher than self to be a part of the bigger universe. It was Goddess staying alive as grass does when it finds soil in the cracks of the rocks to grow from.
We must also acknowledge a degree system being human in origin, does not guarantee clergy with pure heart. There are books that give instructions for self-dedication and online colleges that sell degrees for a minimal fee. There is no public record of Pagan Clergy that prevents one from waking up in the morning and declaring degree. So why so much importance on a degree system, the answer is as diverse as the Pagan religion itself.
It is my belief that degrees are in no means a marking of ones closeness to Goddess but a system (flawed or not) of the Craft that allows the High Priestess to acknowledge her own work in teaching what “she” has been taught to ones who seeks. Now many would disagree with this believing the degree belongs solely to the seeker, that it is a marking of their knowledge and work in the mysteries of Goddess. If this were true would not self-dedication and self degrees be sufficed? However the structure of a Coven is formed the High Priestess is a teacher. The teachings of patience, acceptance, courage, the value of self or just learning to be quiet and listen to Goddess will never be learned in a book yet these are all foundations for teaching a life in reflection of Goddess.
I can only speak for myself, in reflection of my teacher and the value I put on passing degrees that were passed to me. As I was led to my teacher I accept that Goddess will lead and take away many from my Circle. I strive to know the difference between ego and Her guidance and I trust when I am wrong She will be there to once again show me the way.

Degrees within my Teachings

The First Degree is when you have proven yourself a devoted practitioner and are still in the process of learning. You know enough about the religion to be certain why it calls to you, and most importantly you are incorporating into your life. You are active in the Coven and begin to join the reflection of the Coven in keeping the mysteries alive. You work towards being comfortable doing solitary rituals, and while you may have questions on some technique, you understand why you do as you do. Complete understanding on a personal level of Goddess, Elements, Tools and Sacred Space is required.
*Representation of Witch's tools
*Elemental Totems
*Essay on 1st Degree
*Essay on what the 4 Pillars of the Coven mean to you
*New Moon Class led by you
*Any other assignment that will benefit your growth

Second Degree is able to lead class studies and Rituals while continuing your own studies of the Craft. You should be comfortable enough to represent the Coven in mentoring new members on the basics of our Coven, embracing the diversity of new members and helping the High Priestess keep a harmonious flow of the different energies that will be attracted to Coven. While your continued studies of the Craft are important, this is also a turning point of student of the craft and being a teacher of Goddess. Reflection of Her in the wisdom in how you live your life is required, along with knowledge of the Wheel of the Year, Sabbats, Moon Energy, Foundation of Magick, Divination, Spell Work, Healing and multiple Goddess Aspects.
*Essay on 2nd Degree
*Ful Moon Ritual written and led by you
*Assist in writing and presenting a Sabbat
*Multiple Healing Techniques
*Herbal Understanding
*Any other assignment that will benefit your growth

Elder, and Third Degree is when one is capable of teaching and forming their own Coven. Not only do you lead rituals, but also you lead people. It is a full-time job that consists of more than wearing the best robes, carrying the coolest athame, and telling people what to do in circle. The robes will become stained, the jewelry will break, and the athame will rust. Worst of all, people who don't agree with your techniques will leave and it is embracing their departure and blessing their path that is to be your reflection of Goddess. It is allowing all who are meant to sit in your Circle to find sanctuary there for what time they are meant to share your sacred space and blessing their lesson that lead them elsewhere. AND it is when a stranger calls you a High Priestess and you live up to those standards in their eyes. The Third Degree I do not give out with folly and I do require one do the work. *All your teachings gathered or self written in writing to allow one to fully understand the Craft, (Wheel of the Year, Foundation of Magick, Divination etc etc.). These can be in the form of your New Moon Classes if they are written/interrupted by you.
*Essay on 3rd Degree
*Essay on Being Clergy
*Essay on Passing Degrees
*12 New Moon classes written by you (or co-written by you)
*1 New Moon Ritual written by you with a different Goddess aspect
*1 Wanning Moon Ritual written by you with a different Goddess aspect
*13 Esbats written by you with a different Goddess aspect
*8 Sabbats written by you with a different Goddess aspect
*Multiple Healing Techniques
*Herbal Understanding
*Coven Facilitating
*Any other assignment that will benefit your growth

ALL the Rituals, Esbats and classes do not have to be performed in the physical but must be complete in writing.

Our Coven